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Mordomo à Medida     

Mordomo à Medida was born of the idea of ​​being able to meet all the needs that a family may have, from the home care, shopping, meals delivered by the time previously scheduled, organize an event at home or other pre-established location, take care of the clothes, babysitting, children transportation, dinner and bed ready for those occasional situations of need, birthday parties, driver, florist, gardening, care of 4 legged friends, home repairs, the computers and everything you could need

In creating this set of options we wanted to meet the family and thus facilitate the busy lives we all increasingly have. By helping families to have more time available, so they can enjoy more of each other's company.

Living in the happiest way possible as being happier, that's why we also make the people we love happier.

Of course, when dealing with these sensitive issues to all of us who are our family, we have to use all the sensitivity, so we want our families to think that, when they have a situation in hands to solve, we are here to help so they can rest , because we will treat it as if it was ours.

We started the year with our new organization of closets service, which is having the demand we expected and we will continue with the service that we had been performing already, but now we have another new service: SITTING HOME a plus for those who travel for many reasons and can not always have someone to look for their home.

A service that has increasingly wider acceptance is the recruitment of personnel accredited to the various tasks of a Family.

Complementing, also created some services that can help your company from the Cofee Breaks, Lunch at ...


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